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Watch out they’re after your car!

by admin on April 15th, 2019

The danger of car theft was writ large for local residents with this post on the HillsWatch Facebook page: “Just had 4 people on my drive who broke the back window of my car. Made off in a white focus ST. The lovely man in the middle stands by the front with an axe (inset and enlarged) clearly in view. Alarm woke us up and they ran off.- Baldwin’s Hill.”  This prompted another resident to post “The man looks similar to the man who stole from our

car last year. We do have his name.” Followed by a Pump Hill resident who wrote: “Someone tried to get into my car on Pump Hill on Sunday night – alarm went off and I saw one man run off wearing a light coloured hoody.”  And: ”Our car was stolen off our drive early hours Saturday morning 00:06 on Kings Green, Loughton. GY64 UUK, navy Range Rover Evoque – please let me know if you may have seen it or anything in relation. We have him on camera!”

This exchange may well have persuaded a young person (who is indeed ‘known to the authorities”) to go elsewhere, if it were indeed that person – and a few more of us to remember two things:

1 Use a steering wheel lock –

Enough to deter anyone

but the most determined

2 Use a car key signal blocker case

– guaranteed protection for around £6 for two.  What not to like?

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