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Who we are and what we do….

The Hills Amenity Society was formed in 1972 to preserve, protect, develop and improve features of both historic and public interest and to promote higher standards of planning and design in keeping with existing amenities and the rural character of the area.  The three Loughton conservation areas are York Hill, Staples Road  and Baldwins Hill.  In addition to maintaining this website, publishing a six-monthly newsletter and keeping updated a Facebook Page HillsWatch the Society organises social events such as an annual picnic, autumn lunch and open meeting and AGM. It awards a prize for the best kept front garden, monitors planning and has been responsible for carrying out detailed appraisals of the three areas, subsequently absorbed into now formally adopted appraisals by Epping Forest District Council.








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Autumn Lunch – Sunday 6 November

Hills plaque unveiled in Council ceremony- Thursday 12 November

Can Weight Ban stop the juggernauts?

Burglary up – police close doors

Meet the local police

Pump Hill planning success

Trevelyan House and Woodberrie go to appeal

What plans for York Hill Corner site?

All three appraisals now adopted – and allotments included

Appraisals prepared by Hills Amenity Society and adapted by the district council have now been approved and adopted, the most significant change being the inclusion of Loughton Potato Ground – probably just in time.

What we do

The Society undertakes a number of functions and services. It aims to:

Present a unified voice to the authorities.

  • Contact the council, police and other services.
  • Review local planning applications.
  • Provide a public AGM with talks by guest speakers.
  • Host a summer garden trophy competition.
  • Provide an informal Autumn lunch.
  • Organise carol singing for local charity causes
  • Lobby successfully for local enhancement.
  • Deliver quarterly newsletters to members.
  • Post information on the notice board at Potters Close.

It has also published a Discovery Trail with a Map of the area, copies of which are usually available on the noticeboard at the corner of York Hill and Potters Close, and initiated a number of environmental improvements, including the replacement of the concrete lampposts, the installation of wooden bollards to protect the greens from vehicle damage, the renovation of the Pump Hill pump, as well as undertaking projects to maintain the area’s hedges and footpaths. Photographic exhibitions and a Gardens Open Day have also been successful additions to the events calendar.