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Meeting to discuss making Staples Road a School Street

by admin on March 25th, 2022

Report by Councillor Judith Jennings, who attended the meeting:
I attended the meeting at the school last night.
Also present were Chris and Caroline Pond, the School Head and Deputy,  the Caretaker and some School Governors.
Approx. 34 people attended, mostly Staples Road Residents and a few parents.
The general consensus was that the present situation was extremely dangerous for children and that something should be done as soon as possible.
The Head favours a school street which would involve closing the road twice a day for an hour.
This works well in Hackney and in Waltham Forest but is not available in Essex at the moment, ( or possibly a bollard at the entrance to Staples Road but this is another option)
Residents get a free pass by registering cars online and the system is enforced by a mobile camera on a car or van.
The general consensus was that a static camera on a post would be a better means of enforcement.
The 3PR scheme would also go ahead, enabling parents to park elsewhere in a car park and walk to the school.
I shall be writing again to the scheme coordinator to try to hurry this along and I shall also write again to Councillor Lee Scott who is the portfolio holder for Highways on the ECC.
One of the suggested ways forward is for the residents and parents to write to Cllr. Lee Scott to “encourage” him to set up a pilot school street on Staples Road and I shall be doing this as he is the person who would take the decision.
Best wishes
Judy Jennings

March 2022

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