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Good news on Staples Road School parking

by admin on April 16th, 2020

Good news for Staples Road School parents and local residents for when schools get back to normality. Epping Forest council have worked with the school and others to provide 30 Traps Hill car parking spaces for parents dropping off and collecting their children.

This will hopefully give parents somewhere helpful to park, whilst reducing congestion and parking issues that locals will be all too aware of. We have our fingers crossed it will allow school green to recover from the relentless mud churning due to off-road parking. And if it goes well it should also means drop offs and pickups can be quicker for parents.

The Hills Committee welcomes the scheme and will be watching closely to see if it helps the situation once school resumes.

Councillor Judy Jennings, central to the plans, said before schools were shut:  ‘I am very pleased that this scheme will start soon after Easter and my grateful thanks to Jane Harvey, Head of Staples Road School who has had many meetings to enable the scheme to get underway. 

‘It will enable our children to make their journey to school breathing fresh, clean air, free from pollution and from the threat of traffic on the roads.

‘I am sure that parents and children will take up the scheme with enthusiasm as a way to safeguard and protect children on their way to and from Staples Road School.’

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