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Notes from meeting of Hills Amenity Society Committee 4 March 2020

by admin on March 21st, 2020

Hills Amenity Society Committee

Notes of meeting held on 4 March 2020

Hills Amenity Society Committee 4 March 2020 public

Woodberrie, Woodberry Hill: A letter had been sent to the Secretary of State for the Environment officer Louise Phillips, who conducted the inquiry into EFDC planning procedures, and to MP Eleanor Laing highlighting the council’s failure to respond to complaints that the new construction was in the wrong position plus higher and wider than approved. Copies had been sent to district council ceo Georgina Blakemore and local councillors.

6 Ashley Grove: it was reported that a site inspection had been requested.

30 York Hill: originally approved plans had been resubmitted with some adjustments. A site visit had been requested.

69 Church Hill: noted that approval was being sought to build flats on the site

4 Steeds Way: permission was being sought for major changes to this property

21 York Hill – application for rear extension

Potters Close/York Hill: noted that an appeal had been lodged against an application for a two bedroom development on land fronting Potters Close and York Hill and that an objection had been lodged on behalf of Hills Amenity Society.

Applications backlog: The committee was reminded that a backlog of planning applications would be released after 1 April following changes in government regulations.

School drop off: it was reported that Cllr Judy Jennings had secured free parking in on the Traps Hill car park for parents dropping off children for Staples Road School. Permits would be available. Efforts would now be made by the school to persuade parents to use the new facility rather than clogging up Staples Road, York Hill and Queens Road twice a day. The campaign would start with the children with an announcement in assembly.  Following the “Charm Offensive” the situation would be monitored then tougher measures involving traffic wardens and other measures would follow. SC was thanked for his efforts in pressing for action.

Lighting – KL said he had received an assurance from Gavin Jones, ce of ECC, that the light on the corner of Queens Road and Pump Hill should at last be completed on 31 March. Watch this space!

Speeding: KL reported he had received a detailed response on speeding from Gavin Jones, chief executive ECC, showing the outcome from speed tests concluding that the area did not qualify as “only one” of the four areas had mean speeds above 20mph. It was noted that

1 in fact two of the areas had mean speeds above 20mph: Baldwins Hill had clocked 24.4 and 26.1 southbound, thus well in excess of 20mph northbound. Rounding up on decimal points (20.8=21 not 20) plus also meant Queens Road had as well.

2 However Baldwins Hill was not, in the context of road systems, connected with York Hill, Queens Road and Staples Road and should surely thus be considered separately?

KL said he had sent pictures of people speeding and parking dangerously to the CE which the CE said he had not received. It was AGREED to consider the detailed response from ECC at the next meeting. It was noted in particular that  average speeds did not reflect top speeds and there were were two schools in the area which created greater hazards. KL would write to Eleanor Laing protesting that the council’s mechanistic approach did not adequate reflect the situation on the ground cc to Cllr Chris Pond.

Staples Road: since the ditches had been cleared the lay-by had been adopted by pizza delivery vehicles for over-night parking.  Agreed to monitor.

Parking on School Green...A note from a York Hill resident to Cllr Chris Pond had suggested putting boulders on the York Hill boundary of School Green to prevent vehicles churning it up. Epping Forest staff were looking at possible solutions following an inspection which revealed utility services buried along the forest edge at this point preventing the use of bollards.

Agm – still scheduled for 13 May at Gardeners Arms but replies not yet received from some councillors. TS to contact Chris Pond.  If still no response to ask Eleanor Laing.

Newsletter: following the loss of the sponsor for the last few years it was agreed to produce a single sheet presented as four pages A5 together with an email to those for whom we had addresses with a full newsletter or equivalent on the website. Search for a new sponsor would continue. SC would produce a piece about the school drop off arrangements at Traps Hill car park.

Shop front – objections to shop front on corner of The Drive and High Road were noted but that this did not directly impact the Conservation Areas.

Quindici garden: a complaint had been received from a York Hill resident about the state of the fence and garden. TS agreed to have a word with the owner about the negative impact on the entrance to the York Hill and Staples Road Conservation areas.

Meetings: in the absence of a secretary, TS agreed to take responsibility for reminders about meetings and BH and IL for notes of meetings.

Gardens competition: it was agreed that this would be resumed this year.  SC and PW

Next meeting April 29: plan for agm and organise gardens competition.

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