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Hills Committee urges opportunity for informed debate over parking arrangements

by admin on April 11th, 2013
If you live in the York Hill, Queens Road or Staples Road areas you should have received a questionnaire on the parking proposals for the area.  If you have not, contact:   Email: Website: Telephone inquiries: 0845 045 1599

Don’t miss 22 April deadline for submissions

With less than two weeks to go to the closing date (22 April) for the consultation on the review of on-street parking arrangements in York Hill, Staples Road, Queens Road and adjoining roads a meeting of the Hills Amenity Society Committee last night agreed that there was a strong need for more information to enable an informed decision.

The committee is to press ahead with requests for a meeting with the North Essex Parking Partnership to understand how much research has been carried out into the proposal and whether there is evidence that the proposed restrictions will alleviate the undoubted parking issues which exist and are suffered by many residents.

Members agreed unanimously that not enough was known – or had been explained so far – to enable a balanced decision to be made. It was essential that a further yes/no vote was allowed after the proposals had been drawn up.

Research carried out on behalf of the committee suggests that most of the cars parked most of the time are those of residents ourselves. Staples Road, York Hill, Queens Road, Pump Hill and surrounding roads are “chock a bloc” most nights even after the pubs are closed and office, shop workers and commuters have gone home, the committee heard.

The number of residents’ cars had grown inexorably in recent years and, while this would presumably plateau at some stage, there was no sign of this stage yet being reached.

Members of the committee individually reported parking issues in different parts of the area. It was accepted that there were obvious pinch points which caused pressure and frustration which needed to be addressed.  Staples Road School during term time, especially of course at dropping off and picking up times, and peak times around Fifteen and The Gardeners and the shambolic parking lot which Kings Green had become every day were obvious examples.

As a conservation society the committee agreed there were obvious concerns over the “urbanisation” effect of such a scheme. There would inevitably be increased pressure to pull out hedges and pave gardens – a current application in York Hill was cited as an example.

Would the whole area be yellow-lined? Would there be boxed parking slots? If so, where and how many? And would this actually reduce the number of cars that could be parked? How many and how intrusive would be the inevitable signage and parking ticket display machines. Would visitor parking also actually reduce space available for resident parking?

And would restricting the York Hill, Queens Road and Staples Road areas simply shift the problem to the Baldwins Hill area already challenged with its own parking issues which are in parts at least as severe as in the areas currently being discussed?

If you would like to share your views, please email the Hills Amenity Society newsletter editor i.locks@btinternet,com. Submissions will be posted on the Hills Amenity Society website newsboard




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